Jason Deighton-Sarzetakis
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Yiannis Sarzetakis & Jason Deighton Sarzetakis

Yiannis G. Sarzetakis was born in the island of Syros in Greece. He studied music and lived in Paris for many years. In 1969, he travelled to Persia and Afghanistan for the first time, and he was fascinated by the history, the art, the people, and the unique landscape of Central Asia. Since then many trips followed to Central Asia, China, India, and Japan, accompanied by his wife, Ruth Deighton, and later their son Jason.

Jason was born in 1982, and quickly came to share the enthusiasm of his parents for the places and the peoples they encountered, as well as their unique art. While working, at a very young age, as a photojournalist for the ‘Athens News’ newspaper, he spent time at bazaars and flea markets searching for hidden treasures. His life was sadly cut short while he was studying journalism in England. He was 21.

In 2011 part of the family’s collection, was donated by his parents to the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu. The purpose of the donation is to honor Jason’s memory and share his enthusiasm for the art of Central Asia, an art of colours and patterns in harmonious combinations often mirroring the Eastern way of thinking.